An untitled poem

The endless blue

finds a shore

or a cloud

or a smile

…by Ceri.




Up above,
the murmuration shifts,
a fractal curlicue twists,
among sun-kissed clouds,
above the harvest sea.

The forest
of backlit corn
the burning light,
into shards
of fire and of pitch.

In amongst
the blazing staves,
two pulses
beat gently together,
two faces
look up, content.

Over dust,
slate and gleaming gold,
slip two hands,
striped with ash and flame,
they meet

and at last


just to be.

…a poem by Ceri.


Let it out & let it in;

Dance in the street,
or walk.
see the mist in the air
and fall back in the grass.
Feel between your feet
between your fingers.
And adrift,
open your eyes wide
and see them
and walk,
or dance.

…a poem by Ceri.


The Scream

I am careful not to let any raindrops
slip through the door into the house,
as I leave at midnight and walk away
through the trees and down the hill.
I know the way in the dark.


My worst best shoes
are ruined, probably,
in the rain.
Once there I

howl into the storm,

am drenched,
weighed down
in sodden clothes.

scream myself hoarse,
tear open my mouth

My watch drips
instead of ticking;

and let explosions
escape in a roar
and echo and rise –

I throw it aside.

…a poem by Ceri.


A Matted Matter (Argument with a prospective martyr)

That is not the matter.
Why is this mattering?
There is a matter!

It matters
cause it mattered!
They mattered—
He mattered.
I’ll matter
(after the matter)—
it matters that I’ll matter!

That’s the matter!

What’s the matter?

After the matter—
during the matter!—
it’ll matter
what mattered.
Did you matter
or did we matter?
Did it matter—
did the matter matter?

…a poem by Ceri.



Amid hurricanes;
In fire-blackened,
roaring, blinding,
pockmarked, blazing
whirlwind howl;
Among incessant
ever screaming NOISE;
In a matchbox,
just about managing
in a mile of maddening
murderous RAGE

you light a candle,
and place a chair,
and wait for him.

They tumble through
a tirade of thunder,
and you



and soon,
you with him,
and he with you,
you are content

Even for a moment.

…a poem by Ceri.